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Our printable fortune cookie template that we have this time would help you avoid misfortune! And as the opposite, it will bring you a good luck. Well, fortune cookie is a very popular cookies in Chinese. It is a symbol which believed to bring good luck to people. Usually traditional fortune cookies are crunchy biscuits with a piece of paper containing wisdom words. However, those tradition become popular around the world. If you’re not a Chinese, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fortune cookies. You can have it even from our post below!

These printable fortune cookie templates are ready to be used. You only have to print it as many as you need. There are five kind of fortune cookie templates you can choose from here. Anyway, it’s all are ready to be printed from any standard printers. You can even start to print it from now on as long as you have ensured your printer works well and ready to print. Remember to use good quality paper only for best printing result.

Now, let’s bring your fortune home with this fortune cookies! We wish you good luck as always. Anyway, please don’t forget to come back here another time. We still have a bunch of printable you may need to check! So, see you and good luck!

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